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Alan Parkman and DeeAnn Schuttish

Partners in insurance and in life, agents Alan Parkman and DeeAnn Schuttish help facilitate the transition to Medicare. Alan and DeeAnn help hundreds of Californians enroll in Medicare, protect them from surprise medical bills, and connect them to primary care providers and new plans when they leave an employer or move to a new community. Together, they represent the top insurance companies in the North State and bring money-saving options to people when they need them most.

Alan’s professional experience includes management, urban planning and public policy, landscape design and contracting. A compassionate advocate for others, Alan is a superb analyst and problem solver.

With many years of experience working with attorneys, DeeAnn brings a sharp eye for detail along with an understanding of contracts and policy provisions. She has a big heart and looks out for others as she would for her own family.

Based in Redding, California, and travelling frequently to Phoenix, Arizona, Alan and DeeAnn are multi-modal as they chase family reunions around the Pacific Northwest and Southwest, occasionally with kayaks on board and travel trailer in tow. Both DeeAnn and Alan have in common their love of nature, degrees in landscape architecture from the University of California at Davis, and fond memories of growing up in California and Oregon. Alan and DeeAnn love their work as health insurance agents, as they help old friends and many new ones, to understand the complexities of modern health care and Medicare as it exists where they live.

If you love people as much as we do, have a head for explaining complex rules and regulations, are self-supporting and would like more freedom and variety in your career, consider reaching out to us about becoming an independent agent. If you or someone you know would enjoy helping Medicare enrollees, and would like an introduction to the rewarding world of helping others plan for the years ahead, call text or email either of us.

Now serving Arizona too!

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