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New Home or a Snowbird?

Moving to a New Home

Moving can have implications for your Medicare coverage. When relocating within the United States, your Medicare benefits generally remain intact. However, if you move to a new area, it’s crucial to ensure that your healthcare providers and facilities are in-network under your Medicare plan. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you might need to choose a new plan available in your new location. Moving out of the country can affect your Medicare coverage, as it’s primarily for U.S. residents. In such cases, you may need to explore alternative health insurance options with one of our licensed agents. Always inform Medicare of address changes promptly to avoid any disruptions in coverage.

Snowbirds with Medicare

Snowbirds, who migrate seasonally between warm and cold climates, face Medicare considerations. While Medicare provides nationwide coverage, some Medicare Advantage and Part D plans may have location-specific networks. Snowbirds must ensure that their preferred healthcare providers are accessible at both residences. Choosing a plan that covers both locations is essential. Alternatively, they can opt for Original Medicare (Parts A and B) and supplement it with a Medigap plan for nationwide coverage. Snowbirds should notify Medicare of their address changes to ensure seamless coverage. Navigating Medicare as a snowbird can be complex, and consulting with one of our licensed agents is advisable to make informed choices.

Are you properly insured for those unexpected expenses?

Check if healthcare providers are in-network under your Medicare plan when moving. Switch to a new plan if necessary. For moving abroad, explore alternative insurance options. For snowbirds, ensure preferred providers are accessible at both locations. Choose a plan covering both or Original Medicare with a Medigap plan for nationwide coverage. Notify Medicare of address changes promptly. Our licensed agents can assist with navigating the complex Medicare system.

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